We know the habits of top financial professionals.

Through years of intensive analysis we have come to know the habits that lead to top performance and have distilled the roadmap for aligning your people and processes while identifying and closing gaps in skills and behaviors that can prevent your most talented individuals from reaching their top performance potential.

Are your people and processes working together to deliver at their full potential?

Paragon Resources in cooperation with Know No Bounds offers a number of solutions, tools and engagement opportunities designed specifically for the Financial Services Industry.

Our underlying approach stems from a powerful yet simple formula:
People + Process = Performance™.

We have programs tailored to meet the needs of your organization at the corporate, team and individual level. We are just as interested in seeing your internal coaches and development staff operate at a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency as we are in helping your top advisers to build stronger teams so that they may deliver consistently higher results.

We offer:

Every business succeeds or fails based on its ability to strike an effective balance in three key areas: Finding, Grinding and Minding.
Finding is about getting business, good old sales and marketing.

Grinding is about execution, doing your homework so that what needs to get done actually gets done.

Minding is about maintaining and nurturing your business and your relationships so you build deeper connections for growth and greater resilience as an organization.

Speaking Engagements
Onsite Courses & Customized Presentations
Whenever possible, we customize our speaking engagements to meet the specific needs of our clients, as a result we have an extensive list of sample topics that have been delivered as workshops and keynote addresses. For more information and topic descriptions call us at 770-319-0310 or visit Speaking Engagements.

Performance Insights Process™
A powerful set of online assessment tools designed to:

  • identify the potential performance barriers that are hindering the ultimate success of an advisory team
  • facilitate key decisions that need to be made for the future growth of the practice
  • provide a roadmap for specific action

By examining not just the individual financial professional, but also gathering information on the team and business, the Performance Insights Process™ provides the essential data for developing and optimizing a high performance practice.

Know Service Book
Co-authored by the founders of Paragon Resources and Know No Bounds, this compliance-reviewed book shows you the 5-step process to driving financial services sales through service:

  • Increase assets managed and revenues generated
  • Increase asset retention, client retention, and loyalty
  • Increase referrals by building client advocacy
  • Build a more efficient practice and team
  • Enjoy the rewards and personal satisfaction of doing right by the client

Order your copy from our online store or read more about the Know Service Book and our option for private labeling your copies.

Solving the formula.
People + Process = Performance™

Here at Paragon Resources we offer solutions that help you and your teams become better finders, grinders and minders. The processes begin with assessments because they are the best instruments to use to quickly identify whether all the behavioral and motivational components are there to keep FIND • GRIND • MIND™ in balance.

Intranet Resources: Webinars, Guidebooks, Tools
Webinars offer convenience and efficiency for your development efforts. Drawing on our extensive knowledge-base of financial services practice development issues we are able to offer programs and supporting tools that don’t require orchestrating large meetings. Further, our webinars can be recorded and optionally private-labeled for reuse within your organization allowing financial professionals to tap into this valuable content on a self-service basis. Find out more about our Intranet Resources: Webinars, Guidebooks, and Tools.

Trusted Advisor Website
Know No Bounds and Paragon Resources can offer our services to your advisory teams at preferred partner discounts through your preferred partner program. This would include our assessments, the Know Service book, and our coaching and consulting advisory services. Call us at 770-319-0310 to find out more about setting up private access as a preferred partner.

Consulting – Expert Resource for your Marketing, Training, & Practice Management Teams
We offer solution development, train-the-trainer programs and custom content creation to help keep your internal development resources fully equipped to cultivate top performance from your teams.
Find out more about our Consulting services.

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