You help your clients with ROI. We help you with ROP...

ROP = Return On People™

Find your road to success

Objectivity is essential.

Get measurable. Get results.

Find your road to success

Grow your ability to grow.

We advise the advisors.

Find your road to success

Performance is always a matter of people.

Develop the human assets.

Find your road to success

Developing top performers is a retention priority.

Growing = Not Going

Find your road to success
Accelerating Team Performance to Maximize Your Client Relationships

Maximize Profitability Through ROP

Top performing investment advisory teams are valuable assets for your organization.

ROP = Return On People™

Cultivate and retain the winning teams who perpetually drive your businesses to new heights.

Core to every sustainable success
are three fundamental disciplines:

Find Grind Mind

Finding, Grinding and Minding.

Tools for Strength

At Paragon we have the tools to identify which of these practice areas are strengths of your team and which are weaknesses.

Insights for Balance

Our Performance Insights Process provides the insights and data necessary to strengthen and balance these essential practices.

Objective Tools, Measurable Results

Paragon provides objectivity and specific recommendations for investment advisors to make wiser decisions on the growth of their practices. Our expertise is in building the proper team and resource infrastructure to deliver excellent service and maximize profitability.

Advising the Advisors

Established in 1994, Paragon Resources, Inc. is a practice management consulting and training firm working exclusively within the financial services industry.

Advise the Advisor

Are you getting the most out of your key personnel? Do you have the metrics to steer them to success?

The Performance Insights Process™ is a collection of powerful diagnostics and assessments. Get the data to build a better team.

To build successful teams you need to know the strengths of each individual. The Assessments reveal the insights that give teams like yours the winning edge.

The FIND • GRIND • MIND™ model examines your effectiveness in marketing, sales, investment & wealth management, administration & operations, and performance analysis so you can sharpen your business.

Get certified to administer DISC and Motivators.  We offer comprehensive training by leading experts to prepare you to pass the exams to become an officially Certified DISC Navigator and Certified Motivators Navigator.

We can tailor talks to meet your organization’s needs. Whether presented in the conference room or an auditorium, we have keynote addresses and workshops on a variety of topics exploring best practices in business leadership, team building, retention, client development, and more.

What our clients say...
“Your insight was truly profound! We had two brief meetings to discuss your findings and we can already feel the difference in the air. The team really seems energized.”
Managing Director
“Your discussion was most helpful to all of us. It really helped us to clarify... ... and make some team members more comfortable with their roles. You gave us several immediately actionable ideas and we are grateful for that. Your use of analogies and ability to put relatively complicated topics into practical terms is a real talent.”
Wealth Manager
“…we have been very busy reorganizing our practice in response to the ideas you put forth. There isn’t a day that goes by without one of us quoting something you or Paragon gave to us. Your input was terrific! You hit several hot buttons for each of us. We will definitely be back in touch for some tune-up discussions.”
Wealth Advisor
“Everyone was impressed and enlightened.... Conferencing with you was the right thing to do in enabling us to integrate this information. We thought you did a marvelous job of simplifying and interpreting this complex data. I know we are all enlightened and better for having this information, and as a bonus it has helped to make this process fun.”
Financial Coach
“Your analysis was right on the money and the insight you provided brought total clarity to the situation at hand. You addressed all of our concerns, cleared up any lingering doubts, and gave a clear path towards structuring a dynamic team which will play to all of our strengths. Thanks for all your assistance and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Wealth Advisor
“What would we do without you? Everyone had HUGE take-aways from your comments and analysis. Each person in the meeting individually pulled me aside and had these comments and more: 'I love those meetings' 'Those meetings are so helpful' 'How do they know these things about me?' 'Thank you so much for these Paragon sessions!' In my last two appointments, I changed my sales process. I’ve added more 'quality time' to my meetings and literally brought in more assets in the last day, I believe, as a result of the approach change. ”
Wealth Advisor

Connect with Clients.
Shape Your Future.
Differentiate YOU!

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