Krista S. Sheets

Krista S. Sheets - President, Paragon Resources

Overview: President of Paragon Resources, Krista considers herself a Team Architect and Developer helping financial professionals design team infrastructures for continued success. She consults with teams on partnership viability, identifying team member roles and responsibilities that maximize performance, optimizing the team structure for efficient service, and minimizing practice management issues through proven processes. Krista provides an objective, expert analysis that helps successful investment professionals make wiser decisions on the growth of their practices. She is most effective working with teams who have a commitment for excellence and internal firm departments who want to be leaders in the industry.

Experience: Krista joined Paragon Resources in January, 1997. New to the investment advisory business, she started from the ground up. Mentoring with some of the industry’s finest for training, consulting, and coaching, Krista has been exposed to many of the practice management issues that plague the industry. With a desire to solve problems and help people work more effectively together, she focuses her work on helping organizations capitalize on their most valuable asset – their people. She has worked with hundreds of teams in all stages of development and with several Wall Street firms building results-driven solutions. In 2003, she became Managing Partner at Paragon Resources and in 2006 became President and Owner. Krista shares her industry expertise by contributing articles and interviews to several trade publications and participating in industry conferences, webinars, and discussion panels.

Education and Personal Background: Krista, born and raised in New Jersey, ventured to Boston University where she graduated in three years with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit and growing up in a family business, she decided to return to her roots after college to gain more business ownership experience. There, she oversaw all operations of this multi-million dollar business and managed a large staff. From this experience, Krista realized she wanted to learn more about effectively managing and leading people. With a move to Atlanta, Georgia, Krista extensively trained in Human Capital Management and achieved the Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst designations from Target Training International. With her insatiable quest for personal development, she continues to train with highly-respected pioneers of employee performance assessment firms to gain additional expertise in this rapidly growing industry. Currently living in Atlanta, she enjoys life with her friends and three rescue cats who all have become her “Southern Family.” Her passions include gourmet food, wine, nutrition, travel, and helping stray animals in the community. She is a proud Aunt of Kelsey, Nikki G., and Jack.

Philosophy: Krista believes you must live life with passion and everything else will take care of itself! “When we spend our lives doing what we were meant to do, everything else just seems to fall into place.” Her goal is to help people uncover their true talents so they can achieve personal success, happiness, and fulfillment.

“Krista and her team at Paragon have quite literally changed the way I manage my business. Their DISC questionnaires and interpretations are a must to help integrate new hires, and they’ve helped immeasurably in how we problem solve as a team. Each person’s unique attributes are valued and it’s made 1+1=4. I now appreciate the balance of skill sets and personality types that makes our team special and more productive. I see my career as taking off from the point I learned about Paragon.”

Mary M. Deatherage, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management

“There are some things that some human beings simply will not do, regardless of pay and training. No matter how great the person you are about to hire seems, they are capable of destroying your business, especially if client service is important to you. Krista Sheets and Paragon Resources have helped us immensely in identifying people who live to serve and helping us create synergy through recognition of our unique abilities.”

Christopher W. Davis, CFP, CIMA, Managing Director – Investments
Davidson Wealth Management of Wachovia Securities LLC, Davidson NC