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Below is a list of sample topics that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. These programs can be delivered as in-person courses or as keynote addresses. Whenever possible we customize our programs to the unique needs of your organization. For more information or to schedule a speaking engagement, please call us at 770-319-0310.
KNOW SERVICE: Driving Revenues with 5-Star Service
Building long-term relationships is key to continued sales success, especially in today’s ever-challenging environment. This interactive workshop focuses on implementing a proven process to increase revenues and achieve true profitability. Service plays an important role in both developing and retaining clientele; however, few advisors actually devise and execute strategies to consistently deliver distinctive service. This program will show participants how to begin to transform reactive service activities into a proactive model where service drives sales.
Relationship Retention in Turbulent Times
The current environment creates a challenging situation for those working with clients on their finances, investments, and legacy. It behooves financial professionals to be engaged in both client acquisition and client-keeping activities if they want to grow their business and maximize this great prospecting opportunity! This presentation provides participants with quick ideas to better articulate their value proposition, increase client loyalty, and generate more referrals.
KNOW PLAN: Grow by Design, Not Default
Business plans with volumes of pages quickly prove to be ineffective and are often buried on a shelf to gather dust! This program helps participants devise an ACTIVITY-based plan that becomes the roadmap and accountability document that is utilized by a team throughout the year. Using our FIND-GRIND-MIND™ model, this program will work through ALL areas of an advisor’s business to assess its current effectiveness, establish improvement objectives, and determine the best strategies and activities that will lead to actual results. This program is for those who want to develop new success by design, rather than default.
KNOW TEAMS 101: New Team Formation
Forming a team is one of the most effective ways for financial professionals to grow their business and provide added value to their clients. This interactive workshop provides the initial steps and due-diligence process that advisors should conduct when creating high-performance teams. Developed from our People + Process = Performance™ formula along with our FIND-GRIND-MIND Model™, this program will demonstrate that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Topics include the following: uncovering the reasons for teaming, identifying the business needs and gaps, defining the roles and responsibilities, determining the right individuals, establishing leadership and decision-making, maximizing processes and best practices, and committing to growth. All of these decisions are critical to the long-term success of the practice.
KNOW TEAMS 201: Creating the Ultimate Results-Driven Team
Teaming began its popularity in the financial services industry several years ago, and as the industry grew in complexity, advisors began to see the benefits of partnering with other financial professionals. Many advisors teamed for the right reasons, but often did not perform any due-diligence to do so. Today, many teams are reevaluating their situations because they are experiencing growth pains in a challenging industry. Using our People + Process = Performance™ formula along with our FIND-GRIND-MIND Model™, this workshop provides powerful information to help current teams evaluate their current state of affairs and make critical decisions and adjustments to realize their ultimate potential.
KNOW CLIENTS: Understanding & Maximizing Your Relationships
This workshop helps advisors and teams devise the right client segmentation criteria for their business. With this information, a practice can systematize both marketing and service initiatives and determine a clear ideal client relationship definition to drive new revenues. In order to determine who their best clients are, advisors often randomly create a model that is based solely on asset or revenue numbers. They often set account minimums as the primary basis for taking on a new relationship. This program challenges participants to identify the key quantitative, qualitative, and influence factors that are IDEAL for the practice, thus attracting the right clientele.
Connect with Clients. Reap Results.
Service and sales are not two separate entities; they are intricately linked. This session helps participants define a service menu that will help define a system for consistent and customized communication, appreciation, and other important service elements that will drive sales. Being keenly aware of client encounters will enable participants to retain current clients, cultivate new ones, and close business faster and with less effort. This program provides a step-by-step process for creating a distinctive client experience.
Practice Management: Fine-tuning Your Business with Increased Efficiency
In today’s more complex and ever-changing environment, advisory teams know they need to systematize their practice in order to increase capacity and grow the business. This program provides a number of tools and “best practices” to help maximize time, talent, and resources. The ultimate goal is to transform the business into a well-oiled machine that runs on efficient systems and processes. Participants will receive a foundational structure for developing their own standard operating procedural manual and sample templates to customize to their own practice.
Growing Your Business the “Ideal Way”: “FINDING” Opportunities in a New World
This workshop focuses on the “finding” element of our FIND-GRIND-MIND™ model. The session helps advisors look at the three key areas to uncover new business opportunities: organic growth, traditional marketing, and referral-based growth. The program will help participants create an actionable roadmap, goals, strategies, and activities for FINDING new business.
The DNA of Value: Creating a Distinct You!
This program helps participants create their unique value proposition. With a growing number of financial professionals all selling essentially the same products and services, it is more important than ever to be able to differentiate your practice and your team. During this program, attendees will answer five critical questions that will act as the foundation for a compelling story to “sell themselves!” This session is ideal for financial professionals who are new to the industry, as well as those veterans interested in repositioning their practices for continued growth.
Best Practices: Generating a Referral-based Business
Traditional marketing can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, most financial professionals want to grow their business through referrals. In this program, we will turn current marketing efforts inside out and develop an efficient method to grow a practice. The workshop addresses how to overcome “referral discomfort,” uncover different avenues for generating referrals, and develop strong ongoing practice management habits.
Best Practices: Maximizing Current Relationships with Organic Growth
Statistically, most financial professionals do not manage 100% of their clients’ assets. This often results in a business comprised of clients who have unrealized profit potential. The workshop explores opportunities to find “lift and leverage” within an existing practice. Participants will be provided with tools and ideas that lead to both deepening existing relationships and increasing referrals.
Finding the Leader Within
This program, targeted towards managers, uncovers ideas and opportunities on coaching individuals and teams to new levels of success. With the increased time commitment for compliance and administration responsibilities, sales leadership can become secondary. This session provides tools and ideas to manage, lead, and develop the sales force, service associates, and operational support.
Building a Culture for Success in a Retail Bank
Transitioning from a “traditional” brokerage environment to a banking structure can be difficult. In this presentation, we address the importance of aligning the varied offerings of the branch banking environment to best serve clients. The session focuses on building relationships with banking counterparts, generating referrals, and establishing best practices for achieving maximum profitability.
Unlocking Your Potential: People + Process = Performance™
This interactive program introduces participants to our Performance Insights Process™. We cover the analysis of a current business for effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects, and provide the information needed to take it to the next level of success. Participants will have a proven method for identifying the performance barriers that are keeping them from achieving their full potential, and the key decisions that they will need to make for future growth.
Best Practices: Sales Assistant Opportunities to Increase Leverage
We believe that the assistant plays an important role in the success equation of a financial professional. In this presentation, we provide tools, tips, and resources to help sales assistants streamline their processes, deepen client relationships, and provide their advisors with additional assistance which can lead to finding new opportunities. As with all offerings, our course work for sales assistants revolves around actionable ideas that they can put to work immediately to increase productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, their team’s production.

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