Who We Serve

At Paragon Resources, we focus exclusively on serving the people performance needs of the Financial Services Industry.

Corporate Clients: Internal Stakeholders

We assist Corporate leadership in the Financial Services Industry to:

  • Drive growth by “fine-tuning” the people resources
  • Protect investment by retaining top talent
  • Get the most out of internal coaches, trainers, wealth management directors, etc.

Effective and Efficient
Our corporate-level services are designed to add efficiency to your existing processes and provide metrics for gauging improvement as you increase resiliency and grow organizational value.

Top Performing Financial Advisors

Cream of the crop financial advisors share an obsession: raising their game. We free them to take their success to a higher level by helping them to:

  • Build balanced, high-performance teams
  • Align individual behavioral strengths with performance goals
  • Re-tune their businesses to give them more freedom to focus on the parts they do best

Results-Driven and Measurable
We believe firmly in the power of assessments. We’ll show you how to use sophisticated tools to quickly diagnose areas for improvement, recommend training and strategy, and benchmark progress against key metrics. Your best will get better and your internal development personnel will save time and get trackable results.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about us here.

We offer consulting services by telephone on an hourly basis as well as onsite consulting or training visits. The key to improvement is to assess and analyze where you are today and where you need to go tomorrow. Call us at (770) 319-0310 and let’s talk about the results that developing your people can bring.