What Will Your Random Act Of Kindness Be This Month?

No fooling here on April Fool’s Day at Paragon Resources and Know No Bounds! We wanted to share a fun calendar from the great organization, Random Acts of Kindness, to challenge you to a different kindness goal throughout the month. In these challenging times, one of the best currencies in life is kindness. Random Acts of Kindness is an amazing organization that helps you to incorporate kindness into your daily lives. Check it out for more ideas. Please click on the image below to download the calendar.

Please let us know how these daily kindness challenges impact your life and know that we are here to help you get through this time!

Take care, be healthy, and be kind to yourself and those around you!

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better assist you and your practice, please know that we welcome your input. If you are looking for assistance on a specific project, please feel free to contact us so that we can craft the best solution for you using our own expertise or that of our strategic partners.

Warmest regards,
Krista & Sarah

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What Will Your Random Act Of Kindness Be This Month?

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