Building Value for Top Performing Financial Advisors

Cream of the crop financial advisors get to the top because they share an obsession: raising their game. We help them to reach even further heights, not just by self-development, but by building balanced, high-performance teams, customized to complement their behavioral strengths – giving the top advisors the freedom to do what they do best.

Areas of Expertise:

Partnership Viability – objective analysis of the pros and cons of joining forces with another advisor(s).

Roles and Responsibilities Definition – capitalizing on the strengths of team members to empower people to perform each core function of the business.

Team Effectiveness and Efficiency – improving team dynamics to increase communication effectiveness and productivity. ( Assessments)

Business Optimization – a 5-step process to increase the value of a business and the value advisors add to client relationships, which leads to true profitability.

Business Planning – looking beyond the numbers, establishing goals for each core function of the business, and involving each team member in implementation.

Client Advocacy – implementing a proven system to create raving fans who actively refer business.