FIND • GRIND • MIND™ Every business succeeds or fails based on its ability to strike an effective balance in three key areas: Finding, Grinding and Minding. FIND GRIND MIND Finding is about getting business, good old sales and marketing. Grinding is about execution, doing your homework so that what needs to get done actually gets done. Minding is about maintaining and nurturing your business and your relationships so you build deeper connections for growth and greater resilience as an organization. Here at Paragon Resources, we offer solutions that help you and your teams become better finders, grinders, and minders. The processes begin with assessments because they are the best instruments to use to quickly identify whether all the behavioral and motivational components are there to keep Find-Grind-Mind in balance.

We offer:

  • Consulting for internal development We assess and refine the approaches used by your corporate stakeholders to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your mentoring programs.
  • Team Development Processes Using Assessments we help top performing financial professionals to build and lead teams capable of performing at a consistently higher level.
  • Assessments These powerful assessments can be used in a wide variety of scenarios to build stronger ROP = Return on People™.