Business Insights

Business and Team Performance Assessments

Best practices are committed to excellence and continued improvement. You must KNOW your business intimately if you want to GROW your business. Analyzing all aspects of a practice leads to optimizing its performance and increases long-term viability.

Business Insights solicits each team member’s perception of both the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

Included are two 360 degree feedback tools: Team and Business Performance Assessments.

Team Performance Assessment

This tool allows each team member to rate the overall team dynamics based on four areas:

  • Interpersonal examines the effectiveness of relationships among teams members
  • Structure examines the effectiveness of how the team operates
  • Management Approach examines the effectiveness of how strategies and tasks are determined, managed and executed
  • Leadership examines the effectiveness of how the team is led
Business Performance Assessment

This tool allows each team member to rate the core functions of the practice based on the FIND • GRIND • MIND™ Model:

  • FIND examines the effectiveness of the Marketing and Sales functions
  • GRIND examines the effectiveness of the Investment/Wealth Management, Administration & Operations and Ongoing Performance Analysis & Reporting functions
  • MIND examines the effectiveness of the Client Management and Practice Management functions

All of the assessments are administered online and take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Executive Summary Reports

Upon collection of each team member’s insight, we deliver two executive summary reports that include:

Team Performance Assessment
  • Summary Analysis
  • Hierarchy of Team Strengths
  • Individual Team Member Comments
  • Detailed Report of Responses
  • Suggestions for Continued Improvement
Business Performance Assessment
  • Team Member Profile
  • FIND • GRIND • MIND™ Functional Analysis
  • Time Resource Analysis
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Action Items
  • Action Plan
  • Detailed Response Report

The fee for Business Insights is $500 and includes all data collection and email delivery of executive summary reports. If you need assistance in interpreting the information, we offer a 2-call consulting series to first, build awareness, then define action. Calls generally last 90 minutes each and the fee for this 2-call consulting series is $1000 additional.

Telephone Consultation by Certified Team Consultants

We offer professional consultation to help you interpret your team’s assessments and get the most out of the data collected in addition to developing a strategy for your team structure. Discussions include business optimization, identification of roles and responsibilities for your team members, and uncovering any practice management issues that may be holding your business back from achieving greater success. Telephone consulting is billed at an hourly rate of $200-$400 (depending on the complexity of the consulting), in 15-minute increments.