Client Testimonials

“What would we do without you? Everyone had HUGE take-aways from your comments and analysis. Each person in the meeting individually pulled me aside and had these comments and more:

  • “I love those meetings”
  • “Those meetings are so helpful”
  • “How do they know these things about me?”
  • “Thank you so much for these Paragon sessions!”

In my last two appointments, I changed my sales process. You made me realize that sometimes I like to cram things down people’s throats. I’ve added more “quality time” to my meetings and literally brought in more assets in the last day, I believe, as a result of the approach change. I heard, “Joe, thank you for taking the time to talk today.” Bev loves your segmenting idea (time blocking etc), and Angela will be getting more involved with clients. Thanks.” ~ Joe (Wealth Advisor)

“Your work helps me emphasize strategies that will have a better chance of working in the long run. You point out areas to avoid and ways to accomplish goals that will work for my style. You focus resources on areas that will have the most impact. That is what I needed.” ~ Bob (Vice President)

“We all have an exceptionally positive feeling following your coaching session. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was an 11. What you accomplished in 75 minutes saved us months of trying to figure some of this stuff out. Thanks again.” ~ Gary (Financial Planner)

“Amanda, Thanks again for your overview today. We all agreed that it was very productive and provided valuable insight into their business planning. As always, we appreciate the personal touch that we receive from you & Krista and look forward to our next exchange.” ~ John (Branch Manager)

“The session was useful for it allowed us to sit as a group again & try to figure out who we are and where we fit. We are in the midst of two searches for new people which is ‘big stuff’ for us and critical to our future effectiveness. We will not hire anyone who you have not profiled and who we have any doubt brings a skill and trait make up that fits our needs.” ~ Michael (Senior Advisor)

“…we have been very busy reorganizing our practice in response to the ideas you put forth. There isn’t a day that goes by without one of us quoting something you or Paragon gave to us. Your input was terrific! You hit several hot buttons for each of us. We will definitely be back in touch for some tune-up discussions.” ~ Dan (Wealth Advisor)

“My staff found it very helpful. Compliments to you, you were able to relate well to a bunch of people unknown to you. Well done!” ~ John (Wealth Advisor)

“I realize that it can be difficult to be on a conference call with 6 people on the other end, however, I thought that it went very smoothly. Everyone was impressed and enlightened. I feel as a team that we have a much greater chance of success by understanding, appreciating, and respecting each other’s unique differences, and we understand better how to plug into each other. Conferencing with you was the right thing to do in enabling us to integrate this information. We thought you did a marvelous job of simplifying and interpreting this complex data. I know we are all enlightened and better for having this information, and as a bonus it has helped to make this process fun.”
~ Dean (Financial Coach)

“Amanda, I think you did a fabulous job on the call we had. Your analysis was right on the money and the insight you provided brought total clarity to the situation at hand. You addressed all of our concerns, cleared up any lingering doubts, and gave a clear path towards structuring a dynamic team which will play to all of our strengths. Thanks for all your assistance and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ Phyllis (Wealth Advisor)

“I thought you did a fabulous job. I liked this not only for my job but for my life as well…”
~ Rick (Wealth Advisor)

“…I also found it very helpful that you pointed out which team members are similar to each other in which ways. The meeting was full of “aha” moments as I better understood my coworkers’ behaviors and tendencies…” ~ Kaylin (Client Service Associate)

“Your discussion was most helpful to all of us. It really helped us to clarify how we should conduct some of our interpersonal relationships, solidify some of the thoughts and actions we were about to embark upon, and make some team members more comfortable with their roles. You gave us several immediately actionable ideas and we are grateful for that. Your use of analogies and ability to put relatively complicated topics into practical terms is a real talent.” ~ Joseph (Wealth Manager)

“…Your delivery, communication and interaction was positive, upbeat and encouraging.”
~ Alan (Financial Advisor)

“Your insight was truly profound! We had two brief meetings to discuss your findings and we can already feel the difference in the air. The team really seems energized.”
~ George (Managing Director)

“This was an important exercise for our team. Doing this as a group has opened some doors to change and allowed us to understand each other better. It has given me some confidence regarding the potential shifting of some tasks within our team to allow more time to be allocated to natural strengths and less time to things that will drain their energy or create stress…Specifically, your expertise with the interpretation of the results was invaluable and the specific knowledge of our industry allowed you to give examples that truly resonated with each of us. You and Krista have provided true actionable insights…Every veteran rep should go through this process with their team.”
~ Chris (Wealth Management Advisor)