Paragon Resources In the News

A collection of press mentions and contributed articles.

  • Tackling Your Business Plan? Don’t Forget Client Service Goals
    Contributor to Horsesmouth Article
    If you have ignored the service side of your business, it’s never too late to develop a strategy that will retain clients and bring in new business. Here’s a five-step process to consider. More…
  • Tips For Forming A Winning Team
    Interview Dow Jones Newswire
    Professional partnerships are all the rage at brokerage firms. But it takes careful planning, and sometimes help from outsiders, to make sure the team you’re forming or joining is a winning one. More…
  • What Great Leaders Know
    Featured in the APIC Oracle
    Great team leaders know that teambuilding is an ongoing process, not an event. Three critical phases of developing a team can be identified as: hiring and selecting new team members, managing existing team members and implementing a growth strategy to advance the team. More…
  • Secrets of the High-Performance Team
    Contributor to Horsesmouth Article
    Do you spend long hours at the office only to see revenue stagnate? Or do you suspect a turbulent relationship with a partner is keeping your practice from going to the next level? Whatever the problem that’s holding you back, it may be time to reconsider your team’s fundamental mechanics. Krista Sheets, an expert in team development with Paragon Resources, recently hosted a Horsesmouth discussion forum in which she explained the fundamentals of sound team development and answered many questions about improving team performance posted by Horsesmouth users. More…
  • 5 Steps to Optimizing Your Business
    Contributor to Horsesmouth Article
    When you work on activities that deliver the highest margin for your effort, you create your own practice management “efficient frontier.” That means you’re creating sustainable value in your business and achieving your full potential. Here’s how to do it. More…
  • 9+ Practical Tips for Upbeat, Offsite Team Planning Retreats
    Contributor to Horsesmouth Article
    Wowing your clients starts with wowing your team. Follow these suggestions for hosting a productive and memorable team planning event. More…
  • Advisors Team Up To Serve Clients
    Featured in Dow Jones Newswires Column
    Even as they strive to be the trusted advisor to whom clients turn for assistance with all their money matters – from trusts to retirement to insurance – advisors recognize that they can’t be experts in every area. So, a growing number of them are teaming up with colleagues to deliver a full range of services to investors and focus on the tasks for which they are best-suited. More…
  • How to Achieve Better Results With Less Effort (aka, How NOT to Become a “Sumo Advisor”)
    Featured in the Senior Consultant
    As a coach/consultant who has worked closely with investment advisors since 1984, I have come to a sobering conclusion: Most advisors are working much harder than necessary to achieve their results. If you apply the concepts described below, you will be able to work less and achieve the same results, OR you can keep working as hard as you are and achieve better results. More…
  • An Interview on Wealth Management with an Industry Publication and Steve Saenz
  • An Interview on Public Relations for Investment Consultants with an Industry Publication and Steve Saenz
  • Bye, Bye
    Featured in Wealth Management (formerly Registered Rep)
    Saying good-bye to clients isn’t easy for most brokers. But paring your book to upgrade your clientele doesn’t have to create hard feelings. Here’s how some brokers did it. More…
  • Entrepreneurial Reality
    Featured in Wealth Management (formerly Registered Rep)
    It’s well known that most small businesses fail. By some estimates, 95% bite the bullet. A big reason for this high failure rate is that most of these entrepreneurs aren’t entrepreneurs at all. More…