Value-Added Client Tools

Several of our investment advisor clients ask us how they can use the Assessments with their clients. The assessments have universal usage. In addition to the applications explained above, the following assessments are also available:

  • Relationship Insights™ – A profile on how to improve your personal relationships. Great for understanding how to relate to your clients. Ideal for couples.
  • Communicating with Style™ – Effective interaction starts with an understanding of one’s communication style. This report will give you clear tactics for how to communicate with your clients and how NOT to.
  • Time P.L.U.S.™ – A report for how to better understand how you use your time and developmental strategies on managing your time.
  • Successful Career Planning™ – Ideal for high school or college graduates. Provides an overview of the strengths of a person and their ideal work environment.
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values™ – Explains WHY a person does what they do, what drives them, and what interests them. Sister report to the Workplace Motivators™, but not written in a work environment sense.