Tips on Maximizing the Value of the Talent Insights® Assessments

This section of our Library contains resources for using the Managing For Success® and Talent Insights® Assessments.

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Understanding the Managing For Success DISC and Workplace Motivators (a.k.a. Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values) Assessments

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Introduction to DISC
Overview of Dominance
Overview of Influencing
Overview of Steadiness
Overview of Compliance
Understanding Style Analysis Graphs
Understanding the Success Insights Wheel
Introduction to Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values
(Workplace Motivators)

Overview of Theoretical
Overview of Utilitarian
Overview of Aesthetic
Overview of Social
Overview of Individualistic
Overview of Traditional
Understanding Norms and Comparisons

.pdf Downloads

Guide to Understanding the Talent Insights Report

Conducting a Team Debriefing of the Talent Insights Report

Observable Clues to Reading DISC Styles

How to Sell Using DISC

Creating an Environment that Engages Your Team

Appreciating Others

Maximizing Your Personal Effectiveness

Understanding and Dealing with Stress

Understanding Workplace Motivators™

Understanding The Success Insights® Wheel

DISC Tug of War – Understanding Perceptions:

Keys to Communication:

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