Results-Driven Solutions: August 2011 – Team Tips

Results-Driven Solutions August 2011 Newsletter
by Sarah E. Dale and Krista S. Sheets

The ultimate success of a financial services practice means maximizing
ROP=Return on People™


In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.

~ Jack Welch

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We continue to conduct our train-the-trainer programs, team consulting, and onsite presentations. Sarah recently presented “Optimize You” at a conference in New York where she was the motivational speaker. This 90-minute keynote address highlights the typical self-sabotaging behaviors to AVOID and the best practices to EMBRACE in order to create sustainable value and balance in business and in life. Krista just returned from Boston where she delivered *Drive Revenues with 5-Star Service* at the Investors Capital Women’s Conference. She also was a recent guest at the Barron’s Winner’s Circle Top Advisory Teams Summit in DC. Below she will share her notes from the sessions that were led by top teams in the industry. Our commitment to offer best practices to advisors is strong! We now have our own Facebook page and LinkedIn company profile. When you get a chance, search for “Paragon Resources” on either site and Like or Follow us.

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In this edition, we will provide you with “What Top Teams Know” and “10 Best Practices for Support Team Members.” Hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to share the content of this newsletter with anyone who may be interested in the material.

What Top Teams Know
The Barron’s Winner’s Circle Top Advisory Teams Summit provides thought-provoking perspectives from top advisory teams on managing investments, clients, and practices. It is a great forum for sharing thoughts with peers and hearing what is on the minds of leading practitioners in the industry. Krista enjoyed spending time with those who are at the top of their game. Below are some of her notes from a panel discussion of two successful teams:

  • Move from a “generalist” to a “specialist” mentality. Have a scalable model with individuals deeply focused so that you don’t try to reinvent yourselves each day and so that you can build standardized systems and processes.
  • A client belongs to the team, everyone owns responsibility. Team members must have an ownership perspective.
  • You must spend time building team structure and culture for it to thrive. Culture is the glue that holds it together. Trust the model and your team members and hire only those who fit in the team.
  • Don’t go to a client meeting alone. Team members should attend to add value.
  • Treat your staff like “A+” clients.
  • Segment! Streamline the business and eliminate those who do not fit. Turn down the wrong business as life is too short and the wrong type of client can potentially drain your resources.
  • Philosophical congruence is that everyone is here for the client and everything we do is because of them. Put clients first!
  • Cycle team members through meeting all clients so clients understand the breadth and depth of the team.
  • Assign team members to specific clients – Senior Relationship Manager, Service Manager, etc., so the client understands who to contact for what purpose.
  • Focus on what you love in this business and the personal reward will follow.
  • Evaluate EVERYTHING – team members’ strengths, roles, tasks, etc.
  • “Rigorous Systems” = more economies of scale = more time for client interfacing activities
  • Commit to MEET and COMMUNICATE: Annual planning session offsite to set written goals and a plan of achievement, quarterly meeting (dinner) to “tinker” the plan, monthly restating of the goals, weekly two-hour sharing of what is going on with everyone and with clients, and finally, a daily discussion of the plan for the day.
  • Run your business as a business! Put pencil to paper for the plan, mission, vision, market niche, org structure, etc.
  • Trust the process of what you do. Market it and the team – it is bigger than you!

10 Best Practices for Support Team Members
In today’s environment, having a well-structured team with dedicated support team members often proves to be the competitive advantage for advisors. With what we see in the industry, support team members are often under-utilized or are not provided with the right professional development opportunities. Again and again, we see advisors achieve tremendous results and expand the team’s overall success when their support staff is given additional training, tools, and resources.

The following 10 tips for support team members are provided by top sales assistants, service managers, and client service representatives across multiple channels including wirehouse, regional, and independent.

Build an open and honest relationship with your advisor(s)
Communicate frequently – morning huddle, weekly team meetings, quarterly planning sessions, etc.
Understand AND exceed advisor’s AND client’s expectations
Be proactive, focus on what can be done to eliminate reactive fire drilling
Build strong relationships with your clientele
KNOW them, listen to their needs, wants, and desires
Learn the technology and platform so that you can do your job better
Document what you know and don’t know
Develop processes to become efficient
Systems are the solution to excellent service!
Maximize all resources available (both internal at your firm and external such as wholesalers, etc.)
Seek out the people who can help you
Increase your self-awareness
Understand your strengths and challenges
Commit to ongoing learning and master your craft
Ask questions, read, talk to your peers and associates, and build your own professional development plan
Free up your advisor’s time to allow them to do what they do best
Without a focus on sales, a business cannot grow
Develop a thick skin – it’s a tough business, but it can be rewarding, too!
Focus on what you can control

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If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better assist you and your practice, please know that we welcome your input. If you are looking for assistance on a specific project, please feel free to contact us so that we can craft the best solution for you using our own expertise or that of our strategic partners.

Warmest regards,
Krista & Sarah

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