Results-Driven Solutions: October 2011 – Team Expansion

We are welcoming the wonderful Fall weather in the Southeast after the dog days of Summer. Our recent travels have taken us to Boston, Chicago, New York, and Puerto Rico to deliver programs on teams, business planning, and capitalizing on centers of influence! Sarah has launched an updated website at and Krista is working on some new team assessment training. We are very busy, to say the least.
We were co-delivering a program the morning after Steve Jobs’ death. We will never be up to his level of presentation skills, but we are committed to live his principles of life. Thank you, Mr. Jobs. We never met you, but you impacting our lives. If you haven’t yet heard his 2005 Stanford University Commencement Speech you should.

Team Insights, our column designed for advisory teams, focuses on the ever increasing need to expand your team and evolve your infrastructure to compete in today’s ever-changing environment. We provide a simple activity to help you better define your expansion efforts so that you are building by design, not by default. Corporate Insights, our column designed for corporate leadership, provides some common themes from advisors around the country concerning what they seek from their firms’ resources and support.