Results-Driven Solutions: Does Your Team Have What It Takes to Work?

Results-Driven Solutions March 2015 Newsletter
by Sarah E. Dale and Krista S. Sheets

The ultimate success of a financial services practice means maximizing
ROP=Return on People™


Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

~ Vince Lombardi

Many of us are excited that the calendar pages are changing so that we can say goodbye to the winter blues and welcome in invigorating spring. Sarah has just delivered three impactful sessions for top producers: Beyond the Basics: Using Your Team to Better Serve Your Clients, Teaming: From Thought to Action, and Succession Planning: Take Action Now, No Matter Where You Are in Your Career. Krista just returned from the Million Dollar Consulting Convention where she gained great insight from the best of the best professional consultants. She will apply this insight to her work with leaders and top producers and share it with you in upcoming newsletters. What professional development programs are you attending to expand your craft and leadership abilities?

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Does Your Team Have What It Takes to Work?

High-performance teams are comprised of ideal team members. These ideal team members are those who:

  1. Know their natural strengths
  2. Utilize their strengths in a purpose-driven team that strives for extraordinary results

Within a team, it is necessary for the individual team members to have complementary strengths, thereby allowing the team to maximize its potential.

In the work that we do with financial professionals, we are experts in helping people understand their talents by utilizing validated assessment tools. We have determined that successful teams must be able to effectively orchestrate three types of team members:

FINDERS are essential in initiating activity in an organization and are naturally gifted at promoting and marketing ideas, services, and products, and in performing traditional sales activities.

GRINDERS implement and execute activities. They excel at designing, planning, and following up on financial strategies, preparing detailed proposals, and dealing with the intricacies of all of the administration and compliance responsibilities of the business.

MINDERS are naturally talented in interacting with other people, solidifying client relationships by providing exceptional service, fostering organic growth opportunities, and helping to develop advocates for the business.

To be good at what they do, FINDERS, GRINDERS, and MINDERS need to use different behavioral strengths. These strengths can be identified and demonstrated in our DISC model using the Team DISC Map. The Team DISC Map provides an overview of each team member’s natural strengths in relationship to the four distinct aspects of DISC:

Dominance: How one responds to problems and challenges
Influencing: How one responds to people and influences them to their point of view
Steadiness: How one responds to the pace of their environment and how they handle change
Compliance: How one responds to rules and procedures set by others

MMSDISC-1204Wx1354H - 6.02Wx6.83Hsmall

FINDERS usually have HIGH D and/or HIGH I strengths. HIGH D people are energized by challenges, can overcome objections, and are very results-oriented and aggressive self-starters. HIGH I people are energized by verbal/social interaction, can motivate and inspire, and are very persuasive, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

GRINDERS usually have HIGH C and HIGH D or HIGH S strengths. HIGH C people focus on accuracy and perfection, have high quality standards, and are very detail-oriented, analytical, and well-disciplined. HIGH D people, in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, have a strong sense of urgency, are decisive, and excel at problem solving. HIGH S people have strong listening skills, will follow up and follow through on responsibilities, and are methodical, logical, and steady.

MINDERS usually have HIGH S and/or HIGH I strengths. HIGH S people are driven by systems/processes, can build long-term relationships, and are very patient, reliable, loyal, and proactive. HIGH I people, in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, have a desire to be seen as trustworthy and are natural mediators and negotiators.

Find out today if your team has what it takes to work. Contact us at 770.319.0310 to learn more about our Assessments, industry expert team consulting services, and firm train-the-trainer certification programs.

Because we believe in the collaborative approach, we offer a number of resources to add value to your platforms and help firms and financial advisors grow and develop teams and practices. Below we highlight a few of our offerings and resources:

Book: Know Service: Connect with Clients. Shape Your Future. Differentiate You. 5 Steps to 5-Star Service for Financial Professionals. A comprehensive, how-to book to re-engineer your service model and reap new revenues (Quantity discounts available for firms)

Performance Insights Process – Comprehensive 360° assessment tools reviewing the PEOPLE, the TEAM, and the BUSINESS.
People Insights – to assist with self and team-awareness, role definition, and improve team communication
Business Insights – includes Team and Business Performance Assessments to help your sales force analyze their current team and business, identify the gaps, and create an actionable roadmap for the future

Firm Workshops & Speaking Engagements: We offer a number of topics within the areas of Practice Management, Client Development, & New Client Acquisition. Our speaking services are customized to your firm; contact us to learn more.

Firm Content Development & Tools for License: Specific tools, resources, and how-to information to help your advisors build and develop attractive, engaging, retentive, efficient, and profitable practices. Co-branded tools can be licensed for on-demand access on your firm’s intranet site.

Please contact Krista or Sarah for more information.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better assist you and your practice, please know that we welcome your input. If you are looking for assistance on a specific project, please feel free to contact us so that we can craft the best solution for you using our own expertise or that of our strategic partners.

Warmest regards,
Krista & Sarah

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