Results-Driven Solutions: Looking Ahead…2015 Industry Practice Management Focus Areas

Happy December! The final days of 2014 are upon us. Please be sure to spend this time reviewing the year, being present to enjoy the many “gifts” that the holidays bring, and looking toward building a stronger future. The energy that you put into this time of year will reap rewards for the upcoming year, so we encourage you to spend it wisely. This newsletter will help you focus on some critical questions that you should be asking yourself regarding your practice. Enjoy!

Results-Driven Solutions: Expanding Your Opportunities: Developing Multi-generational Relationships

In this month’s newsletter, Expanding Your Opportunities: Developing Multi-generational Relationships, we remind you to constantly focus on organic growth opportunities by building more in-depth relationships. So often we work with advisors who have not yet fully capitalized on the “low hanging fruit” in their practice, which ultimately leaves their future profitability and business value insecure.

Results-Driven Solutions: June 2014 – Now Is the Time for an Organic Growth Lift

Happy Summer. Hope you are enjoying the summertime! We are hearing great successes from our thriving advisory teams. Referrals, organic growth, team expansion, and a focus on business optimization are consistent themes. In this newsletter, we offer some guidance on increasing revenues through organic growth. We hope you enjoy it!

Results-Driven Solutions: August 2012 – Business Succession and Client Experience

Happy August. Hope all is well with you. We are back from some summer vacations and gearing up for a busy Fall schedule of training and workshop events in NYC, Minneapolis, Chicago, Richmond, Dallas, and California. This summer, we also advanced our own professional development by attending a 2-day Emotional Intelligence training session and getting “A’s” on our certification exams. We look forward to including this valuable knowledge in our team building events and consulting.

Team Insights, our column designed for advisory teams, provides a focus on business succession. Corporate Insights, our column designed for corporate leadership, focuses on helping ensure that “employees” are delivering the Ultimate Client Experience.

Results-Driven Solutions: June 2012 – Onboarding

Happy (almost) Summer! We hope many of you are gearing up for some fun in the sun to celebrate life through graduations, weddings, and family vacations. During the next few months, you should also commit to refocusing your energy in your business to ensure that you are evolving to the continually challenging climate our industry experiences.

Both Team Insights, our column designed for advisory teams, and Corporate Insights, our column designed for corporate leadership, focus on the importance of ONBOARDING.